Simple to use - Dummies can do Medical Billing

Managing your practice made easy with secured cloud based billing software


  • Simple to use : Even DUMMIES can use without much experience. Need very little time to train staff. Support is available 24 X 7 with no additional cost.
  • Save Time and Cost : Save cost and time using our automation features which eliminates repetitive and redundant tasks and allows your staff to focus on critical areas such as Accounts Receivables, Patient Relationship Management.
  • Increase Revenue : Automated billing compliance help minimize Rejections and Denials and increase revenue.
  • Generating Reports and Referrals :  Allow to customize reports based on your practice which can help you manage your revenue and government reporting.

Also help you to Focus on

  • Increased Productivity : By minimizing data entry 
  • Optimized Inventory : Keep stock updated for immunization etc. 
  • Efficient Operational Staff : Multiple roles can be played by one staff member like handling front office, accounts etc.
  • Increased Patient satisfaction : By sending timely appointment reminders, Checking insurance eligibility,  correct balance information and much more.